August 1 The emergence from and disappearance into void, is what determines a world state. There is only existence and nothing. So there could be no world already in existence […]

July 27 (Beginning with a diagram): In the left hand margin is [(N+W)+(N+void)] written sidewise). An arrow points right from this to the word Logos. An arrow points from logos […]

July 22 The social world, which includes the world as interpreted through systematic observation largely of quantity (ie mass, heat, energy, velocity etc) combined with a cohering theoretical system is […]

July 11 It seems to be the case that almost everything is determined at the moment time makes an appearance to ‘be’ when being was not. N. Time’s say is […]

July 5 C superscript U is given at N(+W). N(+W) itself has been determined to not likely be an ongoing mechanical spontaneous, ‘happening,’ but an intentional act (see July 2/3). […]

June 30 X: Cause and effect. Hume in the Enquiry argued that you can’t argue the nature of a cause from the appearance of its effect. Of course, that would […]

June 16 Being is both the form or categorical structure of existence and the KNOWLEDGE of existence. “Nonsense!” you say: “Does the tree not fall in the woods, regardless of […]