1 MILLION REASONS TO READ MY BOOK: For all young women who think their dreams can never be

In my book, right now titled, Louisa May in Spandex, she returns to our times along with the creatures she wrote about in her Very First Book. It was NOT Little Women, that over-preachy tome her weird father had a substantial hand in, as Louisa was still in her teens.
Flower Fables 002
No. It was FLOWER FABLES, which introduced a number of the fairies and other creatures that the meadow-dazzled Alcott believed had existence. Only this time they set up in the Fashion Dollhouse of Louisa’s biographer and new roommate in a Manhattan penthouse.
Here’s a profile of the readers for whom it was written:
Maybe a young mother with a child or two wondering if by having children she’s short-circuited her dreams? Early twenties to mid-thirties (and up, of course, we’ve all been there at some point). She may also be a young single on the brink of career choices. Not fully-matured, still loving to play and looking back to childhood, wondering what she missed. (Or she may be older, like me, looking back and loving it).
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Louisa May In Spandex offers her all that. Perhaps she read Harry Potter but a boy wizard didn’t speak her language. But here is a young woman who does. Not Louisa May but Tommy Peters, a single woman with a sexy sister, on the brink of some major decisions about her life that make her stomach hurt.
Into this picture steps a beloved children’s author, whom she easily may not have read but knows about. Or read and worshipped. At any rate, Louisa May Alcott represents all that she has given up for adulthood, all the dreams set aside. Now she’s buying the heavily-marketed fairy dolls along with Barbies and all their clothes that spoke of a glittering lifestyle.
But with Louisa May Alcott comes news of the very first book Alcott wrote, when she was still a teenager, when She Believed In Fairies Because They Actually Existed! Astounding.
And then the actual fairies from the book turn up. Not all of them of course but gradually they will fill the three books in this trilogy. But they are 21st century, focused on all the delights that a technological society offers – like the Automated Closet.
Flower Fables 011
In these hard times, a book that lets you inhabit a luxury condo with all the trappings (if only in your mind) and have a closet that dispenses with all the headachy, time-consuming chores of maintenance while styling and delivering miraculous outfits with accessories, shoes & jewelry, especially talilored for you – hard to resist. Especially when you yourself are poor, lonely, struggling with life far outside these wonders.
For a few hours you are again the princess surrounded by fairies catering to your every wish while being able to show a beloved children’s author your own intimate knowledge of this brand new century and see it through her eyes. You are sought after by two men. You are able to contend with your sister and mother on a superior level and you emerge a winner!
In the next book you discover how much nicer the fairy birth process is while once again playing among the fairies (and other creatures) but also, as in book one, gaining some understanding of other times and experiences.
This is a different Alcott from any we’ve seen thus far. She is having more fun as the series progresses, more is revealed about her relationship with Henry Thoreau and all the creatures she invented.
Plus, all the environmental concerns, major but low key in the book in terms of our relationship with nature.
Plus the comic characters and the looks at the way society goes on.
Louisa May In Spandex is JUST what the market is lookiing for in these lean, worrisome times. Fun with the FAIRIES!

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