IS A LOST POPPY A BAD THING? Notes on an 8 poppy week

poppies 010 Here’s the happy result, not to keep you in suspense in this saga of lost poppies right and left. These are the last two. But what happened to the others?
poppies 009
Well, they slipped away as poppies do, reminding everyone who steps on one gone like this, to remember. Sometimes the center went too, sometimes the pin. Now before you all write in with hints on how to keep your poppy on – I KNOW how. We all do. Bend the pin. Tape the end. Stick a bit of eraser on the end. I had duct tape with me when the pin from poppy number 6 decided to go walkabout.
clothes piece 002
My husband said that was decidedly UNacceptable. Besides the middle was gone. (I hadn’t really thought it a solution. I just wanted to see how far he’d go to have one on as we made our rounds.
poppies 007
As I went, poppyless, into my Metro market just at 11 AM, music came over the speakers announcing a moment of silence to remember those who had died and the wars that continue to engulf the whole world. Anyone who moved or spoke during the blanket of quiet that spread a moment of reflection over the entire store were promptly SHHHHHed!
poppies 006
All the employees had poppies imprinted on special shirts, rather than losing them like the rest of us. I assume the chain made a large donation to the poppie fund for all the sales lost. A good way for a big employer to go.
poppies 002
On the way home, I found poppy number 5 busily advertising that this was the day to remember. Better than a billboard or a fancy ad, I left it there to remind others of what it meant.

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