An Investigation Into Time & Existence 95

D = Demiourgos (God), C = Consciousness, Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N,W = World State, t =- past)To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now


May 18

If all in existence is conceptually reduced to an elementary form of particulate matter which is then  compressed until the forces that govern the behavior of matter, including space and time, are expressed in an event of tremendous outward burst of escaping energy.

Then, everything that is now contained in existence can be accounted for as a release from an elementary compression creating its own space and time in which those forces governing matter can express that matter in the freedom of a greatly reduced environmental density.

But some conditions remain unaccounted for:

1) The existence of the elementary matter: how does it come into being if there is a prior no-thing?

2) A ‘when’ of this matter’s initial point of maximum density.

3) A ‘where’ of the point.

If space is matter and if space is conceived as equivalent to place, then what is it that the point of maximum density can relate to in order for it to be a point at all? Similarly, if time is also restricted to the matter contained within the point, then when is it that this point undergoes the changes of compression and expansion if there is no time beyond the points?

The theory supposes (does not demonstrate) an oscillating universe that is essentially referred to as an infinite duration.  But the infinity of the duration of all that is, is not accounted for if time is subtracted to a dense point of matter.  Nor is the place in which the point occurs possible, if all place is contained within the point.

In effect, the theory is expressed as an existential contradiction.  The problem essentially results from an a priori supposition that time and place can be reduced to matter, where, in fact, they are nothing of the sort.  They are two conditions that make existence itself, possible.

Existence cannot be explained without accounting for it in terms of what it is – not.  Void.  It cannot be explained without an account of coming into being through or in spite of void – the condition of change.

We have these four necessary conditions then that allow for each other:

1) The existence of itself and

2) Time when thee is the negation of is – not and

3) A place where is-not becomes is, then

4) That act of becoming, which is change.

These are the four categorical conditions of the logos – the framework of being.

There is one final consideration in any account of existence of anything including a material universe.  Where there was no-thing, what caused the negation of no-thing?

May 19

The objects the ontic self conceives as its world, become, under authority of the social milieu, the world. It is a world born of violence given as states wherein the only natural law of behavior of conscious beings is the law of predation, the cannibalism of self upon self.

May 20

It is the intentionality Q of the epistemic self that composes objects.  Perceptia are not themselves material, nor are they brain – dependent.  They are products of Q which are essentially the composition of the epistemic self.

The epistemic self resolves Q in place through Q’s recognition of the existence of a ‘self.’  This is an objectification of intentionality raised to consciousness of existence.  In this act Q in a given point in place makes itself Q/N as a permanent consciousness.  The process of selecting and resolving perceptia into objects, is learned socially.

This learning process involves the natural authority of those objects so immediate and intentional as to overcome the objectification of the epistemic self as a recognition that the self is more the object of the intentionality of other immanent selfs than of its own.  This coercive recognition is a minor violence the shock of which is not, in a family, usually retained for very long as memory.

It is the beginning of the process of learning reality.  But still it is Q intentionality, that of the epistemic self, that composes the objects of reality, not the intentionality of others no matter how coercive.  The acts of recognizing existence and composing object is a process of Q/N.  The process /fixes the self/ in place (of existence) and begins the building of the ontic self in the world.

May 21

The ontic self is developed by the epistemic self in conjunction with matter.  This conjunction is not a material merging of physicalia, but a condition is which place is occupied at once by two different kinds of things. A self is where Q becomes consciousness in recognition of the logos: raises from intentionality to awareness of existence.

The matter which the self becomes conjoined with in place is inert, but formed over a succession of N to accept chemically the intentionality of Q to independent motion within the plenum of matter which in turn occupies place.  The particular configuration of matter is developed over the succession of N.

This is a series of biologically-frozen body states as part of the material plenum as presented as the succession of the states N(+W).


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