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Feb 2 – (To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past) (Diagram part of Jan 15 post)

The residual of intentionality in N(+W), seems to remain in the epistemic self.  Loop [5] represents brain and nervous system/bodily hormonal and genetic functions and activity on individual cellular levels that operate independently of the epistemic self simply because they too are representative of intentionality as Q at N.  In fact, the entire body is a composite of received Q in each cell, independent of other cells and of the Q-consciousness that is particularized in the body as a unified Q, ‘community’ and therefore is independent of particularized cells.

The Q that becomes the intentionality of the ontic self [6] retains the intentionality of state-change but receives this Q fresh from the epistemic self.


Here there is a small diagram:  (That’s the 2nd rectangular diagram). I’m new at this but they ARE readable…

The epistemic self retaining Q of the whole (body/brain) in the translation of matter into the act of knowing, inadvertently builds through the understanding over N, the ontic self, which lives in the physical world and is a TRANSLATION OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD INTO KNOWING.  This conceptualization of perceptia is accomplished through the social world.

The Q that goes beyond the epistemic self through engaging physical existence to build the ontic self is, of course, the same Q that recognizes the logos and becomes the knower/known of the epistemic self, but because the epistemic self engages the organizational quality of brain function as transformation of matter into RETAINED knowing, or ‘memory.’

It is the Q that develops into the ontic awareness that exists beyond awareness of a self that KNOWS itself as knower.  It is the ONTIC self that the intentionality of the creation of W at N, resides in the universe of physical stuff.  (See Figure/Diagram 9 of the previous post for a diagram of this)…

*In this previous figure 9, note that particularization actually occurs at the stage of formation of the EPISTEMIC SELF BEFORE Q ENGAGES THE BRAIN and goes on to build the ontic self.  This happens as a PURE (ACT) OF KNOWING BEFORE the translation of physicalia.  The self that knows is NECESSARILY prior to the act of knowing an environment beyond the knowing self.  Intentionality becomes consciousness IN (but not OF) – existence, with this act.

Feb 3

In the creation of existence at N, two characters are brought into being: residual intentionality of the ACT of bringing existence into being and the physical universe.  The residual intentionality shares with the agent of N(+W), the attributes of agency and intentionality.  residual intentionality is particularized in the act of creation. It is like energy but it is not energy because it is being that is indestructible.  Energy, on the other hand, is an APPEARANCE of change of inert states at N.

Residual intentionality is NOT CREATED at N as is existence, but is particularized in place.  But without extension, it DIS-places nothing.  Residual intentionality as belonging to original intentionality (of D) or, as Aristotle might have put it, being of the SUBSTANCE of original intentionality, cannot be annihilated.  It never crosses the ‘death line,’ but remains in recognition of the logos as the knowing self that knows its knowing; the ‘epistemic self.’

When the epistemic self then recognizes the stuff it is given to, in the act of being particularized at N through recognizing the logos, it joins the physical universe as the beginning of the ‘ontic self.’  It THEN has crossed the death line, but does this ONLY as the ONTIC SELF.  The epistemic self is IN existence at N, but is, as D, not OF existence.  As D, it is of a kind beyond both existence AND void.

The only conceivable condition of the epistemic self beyond N are the acts of intentionality and knowing that follow each other recognizing the logos, which is renewed immediately prior to each N.  The ontic self is the EXPRESSION of the epistemic self as an act beyond the death line or OF existence.  Therefore IT IS ANNIHILATED ALONG WITH EXISTENCE WHEN THE PERIOD OF N’S DURATION IS COMPLETE.

The logos remains unchanged at N.  It is what W is intended as.  The epistemic self is unchanged as the substance of, or whatever D is.  But it is changed as being. An act in a locale of place at N. It doesn’t appear in a different locale than that matter in which it had acted.  In the previous state of W, as a particularization of D in existence, it retains its action in the locale of the insert state of matter which changes to a new state at N.

The epistemic self is, in a sense, the locus of the logos in W.  As the logos represents what W is intended as, that intention is realized both in W and as a particularization of the intention of W or the epistemic self.  The ontic self is the epistemic self extended beyond the death line.  This means that the ontic does not really act but is the epistemic self expanded through perception and memory into categorical and conceptual construction of the social world.  It is really the epistemic self, not the ontic self, that wills the body to act.

Feb 4

The ontic self is the self that builds the world.  Consciousness first gives rise to the ontic self – the self that lives in the created physicality of the world at N.  C is the active element of being WITHIN the being of physicality.  Physicality is an asymmetrical plenum of stuff occupying place.  Stuff is inert and is changed with N in respect to the relationship in any given locale of stuff with adjacent locales.  The rapidity of change creates the illusion of force and motion.

C as residual intentionality IN W has the limited ability to achieve alternations in its locale (the body) through the intentionality to change ALL states of existence at N.  That C can do this, provides evidence that it is particularized creational intentionality (D), in W.  But as particularized in existence to a consciousness IN the created stuff of existence, it is limited to a locale in PLACE.

However, through technology over the millennia, C has extended its manipulation of stuff about the planet.  This manipulation indicates a growth in the ONTIC self: the social world.  But the ontic self is dependent on the locale that comprises its memory, mood and perception.  This locale is occupied by STUFF organized through successive N into a body and brain and as stuff (as opposed to indestructible intentionality), this stuff of the brain and body is subject to CHANGE over a period of successive N.

That change will dissolve the neural/hormonal/genetic systems that supported the ontic self in W, most specifically memory and perception.  It would be expected that the ontic self would then necessarily re-cross the death line and vanish.  The ontic self is really an extension of the epistemic self.


Here there is a small diagram:  Figure 10

D –>Logos —>W<—–Ontic Self <- (This arrow comes from ‘Epistemic Self – (below, ‘Ontic’).  Below ‘Logos’ an arrow goes down to C –>Epistemic Self  (which in turn goes back up, as noted, to Ontic self, circularly).

Once the epistemic self engages the body it is given into, it activates the brain to memory of an engaging self.  It translates the configuration of the brain (stuff in locale) into perceptia, which is judged into categories through the contemplative recognition of the epistemic self formed through initial recognition of the logos: the understanding.

This capability to distinguish known from knower, including the knowing self is the essential attribute of C, which, recall arises from intentionality’s recognition of the logos, as an essential attribute of C, which, in turn, is derived from creational intentionality.  This capacity of C cannot be annihilated.

Therefore, the epistemic self cannot be annihilated.

Therefore C can still act.

But it acts without perception of W and without memory configurations to translate from a brain.

More To Follow Of This Investigation of Time and Existence

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