An Investigation Into Time & Existence 92

(To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God), C = Consciousness, Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N,W = World State, t =- past)

May 5

The sign of life is intentionality.  Usually to acquire nourishment and later, to reproduce when a body has intentionality translated into physical mobility again, mostly in the act of hunting or of attempting to escape the hunt, it is referred to as a person.

Trees are composites of living bodies, just as are mammals, but they are even less thought of as persons than toads and earthworms. They aren’t mobile, of course, at N. Nothing physical is of itself, mobile.  But the mobility, given a tree, is there. Just not readily observable.

A tree grows, increases its mass, its ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.  Each cell in a tree is awakened to life as at least an epistemic self by Q in recognition of the logos.  But have they a unified epistemic self as do mammals? Or even earthworms, who slip back into their holes under the dead leaves at the first vibration of approaching footsteps.

“Well, no,” says conventional wisdom., which likes to distinguish life as either plant or zootic.  Animals move around, it is pointed out. Plants don’t. But a tree raises food from the soil by root and cambium.  It grows out rootlets to absorb the surrounding moisture and nutrients. It hunts, albeit slowly.  It is mobile.

Does a tree have a unified, epistemic self as do animals?  Some plants catch insects.  Some plants turn their leaves to follow the sun.  There is intentionality as expressed by mobility.

May 7

Concept, the intentionality and the act of N(+W), would all be collapsed together.  Q represents that triad within existence.  It appears in existence as life with its representing attributes of intentionality (of preservation and replication and consciousness, however rudimentary), as awareness of self as from perceptia composed into objects.

Q is an act at N reflecting the creational act of N(+W). Many Q/N are required for the process of perception and recollection leading up to intention to act.  But the commencement of action is begun with a new N(+W) which occurs well before the initiation of awareness of self as acting.

Also a process of Q/N.   Self’s awareness of intention and action lags behind the state-changes in which the act is complete.  Therefore, the intentionality of the self is an awareness of recollected present which is actually the past.  Put briefly, in other words: present at the moment, Q begins the long process Q/N happens over a number of W.

Q is a reflection of cause which has already acted once. Q is a result of perception/intention/act of the agent of N.  Since Q is constrained by time, its act is constrained by the duration of N.  Therefore, awareness, consciousness, reconciliation, intention and emotion, are all processes that must be strung out over a succession of N.

Since the self-conceives the past as the present, it is unaware that the act is completed and has, in effect, been determined. That existence appears (to us) to follow a structural form (logos) in a hitherto historically consistent manner, presenting a succession of inert states that suggests motion and force in physicalia.

That can be interpreted rationally as law-like and not random and chaotic, leading us to the reasonable conclusion that the causal agency behind time and existence is itself rational and necessarily intentional that consciousness and cause are both acts.

That consciousness is not extended as is physical existence in motionless states, leading us to further conclude reasonably that consciousness is a direct representation of the causal agency in its effect: existence – and since existence comes in inert states out of void and cannot act causally to affect states that do not exist.

Physical existence does not cause consciousness nor does it cause any effect in itself.  Evolution is a rational theory. But incorrect. If D, the agent of N(+W) is as is thus, both rational (as observed in effect) and intentional, it is most likely the case that D presents existence as it so does, with a purpose.

Further, each state is presented within the context of purpose, ie is pre-determined.  Consciousness is not material though it is in existence as Q, a fragmented echo of the intentionality and consciousness of D.  It is not of existence; it is not a referral to the logos of existence, but as Q in existence, it recognizes – is conscious of existence through the logos.

It is self-aware.  Q is of D, not made by D.

If Q were the unity of consciousness of the agent of N(+W), there would be only one expression of awareness and intentionality in existence – and this may be, in fact, the case.  But Q is given in place and in protobiological complexes, the individual cells and the configuration of the body.

This is formulated in more complex species by the brain and nervous system, providing the ground for differentiation of selves, as they move from the epistemic to the ontic.  In existence, Q is unified C only in the epistemic phase before difference in body states at N. This is individualized perceptia, recollection and emotion.

But even so, the Q that is in existence trapped as it is by time and place and subject to given configuration of biological forms at N, cannot be more than a shadow of the intentionality and consciousness that acts to dispel void and create the moment , N, of time in which being acts, as a negation of void.

Void is, as earlier noted, the natural condition: not-being.  The act of N(+W) is a negation not -(not-being) of the natural condition, an act of aggression that may have results in this character of being.  In fact, it may have something to do with the natural law, predation, expressed in the violence of life and resultant suffering.

It may be argued that the negation of a negation, results logically in an affirmation.  But this basic precept of the understanding may not apply properly in the case of conceptualizing cosmogony.

May 8

If existence is a violation of the natural order once, there is yet another violence, the creation of life in the coming together of Q and protobiological patterns of stuff. Life Is a hunger that feeds upon itself.  Stuff is a caused mode of existence. A is not an effect of the causal act but the intentionality of the act appearing in place.

Matter and intentionality are the combined atmosphere of life.  Life renders a dimension to matter beyond simple extension.  But by being intentionality in existence, Q is spread throughout points in place and must also be limited by time, as cause, D, is not.

Q comes as a burst of act at N, an invasion of matter developed over the succession of N to receive the intentionality of Q and progress in some configuration of matter to the process of consciousness.  So where there was no violation of void, there happens a violation of void by matter.

Then a following violation of matter by consciousness occurs.

More To Follow Of This Investigation of Time and Existence.


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