July 1st 051
Rob O’Dare and his friend, teacher/librarian Yvonne came by on Monday. Rob had just become a Canadian citizen. He had also made me an iron sculpture particularly appropriate for a former bookshop garden.
July 1st 048 I have some book pages I may add to the one the creature seems to be contentedly reading. It is right by my front door. Perhaps I can remember to bring it in at night. How I’d love to have such an original creation in the garden to weather as the years go by but we all know how briefly it would last.
Their visit and gift is one of the many joys of having a street garden on a busy corner to be discovered now and then for someone walking past. People like artist Rob are particularly welcome, especially when one of the renku went missing over the weekend. The one that said: “If you were a library book, I would never bring you back.” I must replace it. In the meantime, I have the sweetness of this lovely sculpture to remind me that the world is full of good people who understand.

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  1. So great to see pictures of the Idea Factory. How I loved that store as a child. I recall going there from a young age with my mom and sister, and I went in there now and then as an adolescent too. I recall buying Tom Swift novels, The Hardy Boys, and a comic books too. I also bought other books, but I those are the ones that I remember. Walking into that store was like walking into some enchanting little world, hidden in a forest or something like that. It was truly magical and you just don’t see many places like that these days.

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