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Probably every living author in the world has seen facebook for what it is and got on. Why didn’t I see this sooner? I discovered the author fact backwards. One of my many struggling writer or artist friends suggested I add Brooke London who turned out to be an author of romantic suspense. (Hooray!)
Clicking on a list of HER friends, I discovered yet more writers in the genre who sound fine. So I friended them and then I thought, well, I’m reading P.N. Elrod who writes vampire fiction set in the thirties (I know, I know, but when you’re desperate for somethng to read, you go looking), and then I discovered just how GREAT ol’ P.N. is. Now I’m reading it aloud to my picky husband while he exercises and he loves her stuff – anyway, she has two fan sites, neither set up by her.
And there I found – wait for it – a Vampire DATING SITE. (‘Not for fakes, wannabes or pervs!) it says strictly, promising to promptly throw out anyone who fits those odd descriptions. ‘fake vampires?’ ‘wannabe vampires??’ ‘Perverted vampires?’ Can dating get any odder?
At any rate, now I’m looking up favorite authors on facebook and seeing who they’ve friended and whether there’s any good reading material there for me, being desperate this winter, for stories with a good hook. I’M NOT LOOKING FOR GREAT LITERATURE & CLASSICS. Remember, I’m a retired bookseller. I know all about that stuff. I’m writing about how I came to know all about that stuff (What Happened In The Bookshop) coming soon to a publisher near you). What I need is something gripping to read that will take me right outa where I am and into the book.
It’s a funny way to track down books but I’ve given up on browsing the shelves at the library which is even slower and less productive. See how desperate a retired bookseller can get when no one takes her seriously about what to read? Or won’t admit what they read when they aren’t gushing over Margaret Atwood or the other latest book club stuff. I mean, nobody reads that stuff for pleasure, for the sheer joy of the text. Nobody. Book club books are read so you can tel your friends how fine your mind now is. You can’t burble on about Romantic Suspense or Ethical Vampires.
But if you’re addicted to having a good book in your hand and at least 4 or 5 absolutely gripping stories after that – for the hospital, I need that many for absolute certain. They need to start with a good premise, some sort of musing about the quirky way life can go, and proceed lightly from there into absolute chaos (which is what happens when you go into the gastro part of the hospital – you don’t die but its messy and back home everything goes to pieces – that’s when you need a book that straightens out an even worse mess as you read along.
Maybe it all goes back to being dazzled by Stella Gibbon’s Cold Comfort Farm at an early age. An unencumbered young woman who goes into a messy situation and gloriously sorts it out. I’m not actually demanding a dead body in any book, even though that seems to be the ultimate in messes. What I want is a good story and book club books keep shouting: “YOU’RE READING GREAT LITERATURE” at you every other page till you begin to foam at the mouth. Just shut up and get on with how a mess got fixed.
Fixing messes. Okay, that’s my real main interest, at bottom I guess. Didn’t realize that till I started writing this. Okay this is good. I’d like to see it done cheerfully, tidily, believeably, with lots of memorable characters and a point of view with whom I can identify, and at least two of the kinds of everyday villians you have to deal with all the time in everyday life – the self-absorbed martyrs (whom Georgette Heyer does so well), and the passive-aggressive whiners, probably two sides of the same character who make life miserable all around for the average person, and I’d like a dog in it, probably more than a cat. While I like cats, they, too, are self-absorbed.
Anyone is welcome to write and tell me here what THEY want in a book. But if you are in love with Only Great Literature, please find a more receptive site somewhere else. I Have Read It All.

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