My husband discovered Heinz baked beans with real maply syrup. They are now a staple of his diet. He doesn’t want no name. They gotta be Heinz. He says it’s a taste thing. The bean shelf, as probably on all market shelves the world over, is a long one. I wouldn’t take the time to make these at home, even if I HAD Real Maple Syrup. sunday morning groceries 022
Here’s the can up closer.
sunday morning groceries 020
I’ve always envied his taste buds which are decidedly pickier than mine. Also, of course, being celiac, these beans are probably off limits to me. Must go read label and report back. For sure they’d add to my shortened bowel gas production. Sometimes I wonder how I ever find anything at all to eat, given the lactose intolerance, celiac, shortened bowel and inability to digest raw root veggies. (And my pet hate is people who whine about their aches, pains and ALLERGIES!! “We can’t afford allergies,” mother used to say, heaping our plates with the inadequately cooked food-of-the-day. But whistling in the food dark like that, ultimately didn’t work. Hmmm.
Finally, a picture of the gluten-free pretzels my favorite restaurant has begun serving due to my complaints about the bread basket. Here they are, jammed right up against the bread and sprinkled around it.
sunday morning groceries 010 But the thought was nice.

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