BLURBS for my published short stories & novels
Body of transvestite found in car trunk on Alaskan birding trip leads aboriginal chief of police to arrest  his ex wife, owner of local diner but a bookseller disagrees. Too Dead The Phalarope
Woman frozen to death is discovered in unheated rectory in far north by a famous mystery writer whose pastor husband is rumoured to be having affairs. The Ragtime Kid Checks Out
3 country club members blackmailed by nude shots Bimbos Breaking Up Old Gang Of Mine
Famous children’s novelist turns up alive in 21st century Manhattan bringing chaos, rethinking and weddings to the lives she touches. Louisa May In Spandex (Book)
Arsonist mother on cottage vacation with family, caught in burning cabin protesting innocence as  an unidentified body discovered. Too Many Guys Named Bill  (true story)
When a Whitehorse group home is torched and manager’s body found, baglady resident is blamed though her niece & transvestite roommate doubt she did it  Sam McGee Syndrome
Someone is terrorizing apartment house where young woman lives till a cat and two lovers combine to solve the crime on Valentine’s day. (online pub) Love With the Wrong Killer
Aunt who marries burglar shortly before his arrest, then weds unfaithful organist, chases nine year old around darkened basement with carving knife, cooing sweet nothings as her bad choices overwhelm.  When The Furnace Talked
Arctic ghost town promises nothing but death as a family flies in with a newborn to spend the summer in a house that seems more than haunted. Blood Of The Last Rooster
Playing golf with a pompous know-it-all till someone bumps him off. Golf Geezer From Hell.
13 year old encounters the biological trauma of growing up with no information. New Dress
Newborn/mother hear shots ,death of street people. It’s Easy To Get Killed In Seattle.  Unpub
No information about sex leads to comic/tragic consequences. Sin of Lipstick  Unpub

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