Analyzing Facebook

If you go every single day and hang out with a group doing something like walking or birdwatching or repairing walkers and absolutely certainly, walking dogs (this is a great […]

Friends tell me they signed up for Facebook so they can see what is going on in the lives of their grandchildren. (Be warned, grandchildren!) Definitely many parents are doing […]

*Why blog about Facebook when the world is awash in troubles? Isn’t the online world extraneous to the important issues? – Because this particular online world has claimed a huge […]

Today I friended, yet again, Iva Bigen,sigh. Totally Monty Python sniggering adolescent humour. I can practically hear the page tittering away behind the scenes. Tittering. (They’d be laughing at that […]

Promised yesterday at work that I would friend Andrew Thomson. (Odd to me that ‘friend’ has become a verb). Always half-exhausted when I get home but I dutifully went to […]