Analyzing Facebook

Started adding neighbours today after one of them friended me. Without asking, it is hard to know who might be on Facebook. Except for the writers and artists, who have […]

Sci Fi writer Fritz Lieber wrote more than one short story about a future population so satiated with virtual reality that they no longer participated in real life. When Karl […]

Probably every living author in the world has seen facebook for what it is and got on. Why didn’t I see this sooner? I discovered the author fact backwards. One […]

Most Facebookers with 5 or 6 friends will never see the message so for their edification, here’s what the warning says: “You are engaged in behaviour that may be considered […]

Facebook is one of those experiences that will come to define a certain social phenomena in the world that caused a change in the way people think. Facebooks ending will […]

I am looking forward to the future when all the facebook mysteries, the tales of misplaced correspondence, the Kicked-Off-Due-To-5 Thousand-Friends, all the separations due to someone‚Äôs worlds of communication being […]