Nov 29/13 A Story of Duration In other words, it can be conceived that theoretical C (discovery of cause and effect) arose out of a primitive probably quantum urge (quantum […]

The following is a personal attempt to try to understand what and why there is. This is an a priori, ongoing investigation into perspectives on existence. There will be warts […]

Incense was wafting, organ music playing and a choir up front shuffling their feet. I paused at the huge oak doors, twice as tall as I was. “Are you a […]

  I came to trees too late. There weren’t any where I grew up on the arctic tundra, often above the tree line, near Nome. .  It was as though […]

I’m having a hard time understanding the vote against flying the Pride Flag (Three Councillors Oppose flying Pride Flag, Feb 15)  considering the sending of homophobic anonymous letters in Kingston […]


When you start to blog, they tell you the only way it will succeed is if you make it about one single thing. If you’re a writer who begins to […]