Sci Fi writer Fritz Lieber wrote more than one short story about a future population so satiated with virtual reality that they no longer participated in real life. When Karl […]

Probably every living author in the world has seen facebook for what it is and got on. Why didn’t I see this sooner? I discovered the author fact backwards. One […]

Most Facebookers with 5 or 6 friends will never see the message so for their edification, here’s what the warning says: “You are engaged in behaviour that may be considered […]

Facebook is one of those experiences that will come to define a certain social phenomena in the world that caused a change in the way people think. Facebooks ending will […]

Woke up yesterday to read about cutbacks for Daycare and seniors The folks they figure who won’t speak up. We’ve GOT to let them know they can’t do this stuff.Let’s […]

In the middle of my life, I found I was CELIAC, Thank heavens. What I’d been was sick which got worse and worse. I’d be bumbling along in my life […]

If you are a lighthearted fiction author, especially Chick Lit or a lover of Jane Austen, please let me know about your work. I am also interested in ideas and […]

I’m a reader who needs some new book suggestions. Here’s all the stuff I hate about the books I’m encountering. I think this is only volume one. Tell me something good to read – PLEASE!