I’m in the Fall ’08 Antigonish Review, #154, the very first poem, Complaint.  “It pays to be deeply suspicious of a circus How they welcome a woman who can stick […]

I was writing when my stomach created the first note and sent it to my brain. “I am empty,” it read, “How about that left over pizza with cheese and […]

“Does it cohere? Is it credible?” The British poet, Michael Glover tells us to question the poem we are making in a workshop he gave on a humid Monday afternoon […]

I favor sitting in the old chairs by my front door when the guitar and the sun is out wind not strong enough to pick the poppy petals, neighbours mellow […]

(for John) You’ve got to admire those dead flies Hanging from the sticky strip In the far from model kitchen At least they felt passion, died in the throes of […]

Oh Inukshuks they have no knees, no knees Yet they do as they very well please. Oh please They cannot ride a bike Though Inukshuk can hike Like the rates […]

Sharp-beaked starlings dig the dirty drifts, searching for scraps. Flock has rhythm, moving together, peek hop peck hop poke hop chitter hop chatter, hoarde of small vacuums attacking the undersides […]