NOTE: [Interspersed among Unpublished Words From Elsewhere, (which I Do Not Write), are my personal reminiscences, like this one. There is a list of posts so the two can be […]

Retired bookseller Graduate Multnomah University. Portland, Oregon (3 yr degree) Postgrad coursework from: Eastern Washington University (3 yrs Journalism) Central Washington University (English, 1 yr), Seminars & workshops from University […]

Promised yesterday at work that I would friend Andrew Thomson. (Odd to me that ‘friend’ has become a verb). Always half-exhausted when I get home but I dutifully went to […]

  by Rose DeShaw Oxford Universityeducated Dr. John Henry Ursell died on July 30 in the early morning, according to a hurried phone call we got that night. He was […]