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COMMUNITY EDITORIAL BOARD When we came to Canada By Rose DeShaw Friday, June 28, 2013 8:49:58 EDT PM I always seem to roll the universe into a ball and throw […]

SITTING ON THE TRUTH Secrets always leak out.   It’s one of those undiscovered laws     of soap operas and physics.       Sit on the truth all you want,         […]

If experience were thick like pudding, a spoonful could be, theoretically, ladled out to the young. Medicinal.  ‘Eat this.  It will keep you safe from scraping shins, upon the vast […]

This piece was published in the Kingston Whig Standard on Valentine’s Day, 2013 My actual heart, this Valentine’s Day, is being donated to the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology […]

This 600 word piece written by me,  ran as a letter to the editor last week: One of the reasons we decided on Kingsto, Ontario, Canada, as a place to […]

Twelve Steps Song (Google this tune on youtube – very singable) Tune: Dwelling In Beulah Land (Old Gospel) 1) I admit I can’t control The life I have been living […]

HOW DO I CLIMB KILIMANJARO? November 5th, 2011 by Rose For Lisa, David, Mary, Dan, John, Jo and Blake *This began as advice for my two nieces as they marry […]

Now he needs to get elected Member of Parliament for Kingston & The Islands. Which will be a painful time for him and his family. Politics are a sesspool. Media […]


Probably my favorite childhood picture of my husband. He is having a bath in what they called ‘the washshed.’ Stubborn as always. But here is this little square image, taken […]