The ingredients of a good gossip are all here in 40 Cliff Crescent. Women of a certain age, with busy lives but enough time left over to discuss the neighbours, […]

On the cover, an obviously male hand is slipping a ring on the finger of his bride. There are three quotes on marriage and faithfulness right inside the cover, ranging […]

KNOWLEDGE, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES & FILM: Ken Burns and his documentaries have to move over when it comes to just the right mix of place, person and perception that filmmaker Paul […]


These medieval feeling earrings are one of a kind and were handmade for me by craftswoman Lyn McCauley, cut and beaten out of copper with scroll insets on a small silver chain that causes them to catch the light when I walk. I’ve had steady compliments on them whenever I hook them into my proud ears. Aren’t they lovely? Isn’t Lyn a professional with a designer heart and a good eye?

This Metis singer/songwriter’s 2004 Album Old Lovers is meditative, a reflective piece of the turn-of-the millenium times in which Chaput wrote, his words speak passion, turmoil and crisis while his […]