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I’m having a hard time understanding the vote against flying the Pride Flag (Three Councillors Oppose flying Pride Flag, Feb 15)  considering the sending of homophobic anonymous letters in Kingston […]

tune  – Coming Through the Rye If we want a health care budget Substantially reduced Then a Needle Exchange program’s What we need to use All the big associations Doctors, […]


The link to see the youtube video which we’ve just put together is: You can access it directly at the bottom of my ‘links’ column on the right hand […]

Tune: Hark The Herald A Hark! Angels named Harold sing All the rest don’t say a thing Angels Ken and Mike and Pete Do not make a single peep! Against […]

CBC Song Tune: Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree CHORUS: Don’t go touching our CBC It means too much to me Hinting you’ll close it down Cutting its funding back […]