Jan 21 The temptation is to jump immediately to speculation and to relate C with the creative source of time and existence D. Reasoning beyond the relative assurance that there […]

Jan 14 There is really no ‘question’ of free will. Not directly in the world. The world-states being frozen, tiny units of total existence, cannot have any effect of course, […]

GLAD TO BE GLUTEN GONE In the middle of my life, I found I was CELIAC, Thank heavens. What I’d been was sick which got worse and worse. I’d be […]

Incense was wafting, organ music playing and a choir up front shuffling their feet. I paused at the huge oak doors, twice as tall as I was. “Are you a […]

This was published May 2nd in the Whig Standard) I wonder how many addicts there are in Kingston? Besides me. An addiction is like a flea. It hops from one […]

Published in the Whig Standard Oct 17/13 KINGSTON – There are five levels of emergency rooms at Kingston General Hospital. I’ve been in them all. Most recently, at 3 a.m. […]