*Note – when dealing with crabbiness (or anything else) Never take Anything personally! —– Crabbiness is often a habit. Almost never does it have anything to do with you – […]

Most Facebookers with 5 or 6 friends will never see the message so for their edification, here’s what the warning says: “You are engaged in behaviour that may be considered […]

To the Tune of: Country Road In our childhood We remember Trees around us They were our protectors Apple, maple We would climb them Gather leaves and Shelter ‘neath their […]

(Can’t believe how many adjectives I used in this. I NEVER use adjectives. On the other hand, they are seldom so highly deserved). November 29/’08 at the first of the […]

I’m just back from a songwriting workshop stuffed with guitars and those who play them. My son who went with me, also brought his d, b and f whistles but […]