sept 1st '11 045
Ian’s fish fingers or his chicken balls, serving size 6 or 5, with half teaspon of mayo dipped in Mott’s fruitsations, especially unsweetened blueberry carrot. Ummm. Protein, fruit, veggie, grain (the breading), under 300 calories. Usually coupled with a glass of veggie juice and I’m ready to face the day.
sept 1st '11 032
Here’s my significant other gleefully crunching a piece of crisply buttered toast, something I perpetually envy. But with the chicken balls or fish fingers i get a crunch, protein and some good taste.
sept 1st '11 034
Closeup of the buttery toast prior to being ingested. I’m grateful to know I’m celiac and that by abstaining I am no longer deathly ill and often hospitalized. I probably miss toast more than anything and no, gluten free bread, so far, does not work for me. But the crispy little protein balls and sticks come very close and I am grateful to Ians from whose boxes I get 3 whole meals each.
Try this for breakfast.

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