WILL ‘BFB,'(Before Facebook) & ‘AFB’ (After Facebook) REPLACE ‘AD’ & ‘BC?’

Facebook has had the most profound effect on our lives. More and more millions are on it. While I am NOT spying on my children, so many of my friends seem to be into it, big time. After you click on all your kids and their posts, their friends, indiscreet references to drunken parties (again, not MY kids), new boyfriends and such, then you rush off to e-mail your other relatives, do damage control, spout off generally about their lives and how much better their lives would be if they let YOU tell them what to do…

Facebook is certainly an enabler of bad family dynamics. Nephews and nieces I have never met seem to be spiraling out of control. Married and espousing belief systems that should come with warning signs or dating and having their hearts broken and spewing it all out on Facebook. None of this was ever possible in the slow old days of snail mail, when a letter took forever to arrive.

If one member of the family isn’t responding, everyone piles onto their Facebook page to ask what’s up, study their huge collection of photos for some clue as to their state of mind and what they could be up to, pokes their spouse for why their messages have so far gone unheeded, discussing among themselves why the lack of closeness and what all this portends.

Anyone who is innocently on Facebook and not thinking about what is going on behind the scenes to such a degree that entire operatic dramas are being written including an ominous musical score – anyone who doesn’t know this is everyday routine for all participants who view Facebook as a godsend for meddlers – well, they haven’t thought this whole thing through.

In that sense, those who simply stick to gifting everyone with non-existent flowers and pets probably have the right idea. At least they’re keeping things to themselves that were always private before Facebook.

Sometimes I think we’re going to switch over from B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (After Death) to B.F.B. (Before Facebook) and A.F.B. (After Facebook). How easy is it NOW to keep stuff from Mom if she’s online and nosy???

I thank my lucky stars that Facebook didn’t exist when I was hoarding my doings among my sisters who were only occasionally chatty on the phone to her. How tricky parenting is now.

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