COGECO & ME – Sad Tale of Betrayal

December 6, 2014

My husband died suddenly of a heart attack on the golf course in July. We had divided up household tasks between us. He did all the technical bits and contacted COGECO often. We both adored the kindness and courtesy we received over the phone. It was ONLY because of this that I bundled our TV, Internet and Phone into one package with COGECO.

It is relevant that where we lived, where I still live, is a large brick Victorian row house that is rented out except for a small apartment on the ground floor which we kept for ourselves. It only has room for one tv, one computer and so forth. After he died I thought maybe I should just get rid of tv all together. So I called COGECO and they promised to ship me a basic box and I could return the PVR which I have no idea how to use.

However, while it was on its way, COGECO techs showed me how to change channels and use the remotes. So when the small box arrived, I called and asked if I could keep the PVR I already had? COGECO said, yes. Just return the small box we sent. So I simply sent it back. I paid that month’s bill. I have ALWAYS paid my COGECO bill but usually at the first of the month, even though COGECO tends to send it mid-month.
Suddenly my next COGECO bill read something over a thousand dollars!!! I don’t have that one ready to hand but you have it. Panicked, I called COGECO and again a lovely woman answered and said she thought we had 3 tv’s and 3 pvrs, (which I have no idea how to use). After a long chat, she determined that 1) I had sent the little box back as per COGECO instructions. 2) I had kept the single pvr we always had. 3) There is only one tv and one box involved. I’m not really into much tv. She said they’d send me another bill and adjust these charges.
Then the pvr stopped working which meant I couldn’t turn on the tv. I called COGECO and they sent me a way to program my COGECO remote so I wouldn’t have to use the SONY remote for the tv, too. But without the pvr, I was still without tv (as I am without it still as I write).
Meanwhile my adjusted COGECO bill came and because they were adjusting it, last month’s bill was included. $410.oo. I paid it online as I always do, on November 29th, fortunately keeping my receipt. I also noted they’d put my monthly rate back up to $195, though they’d lowered it to $175.oo previously when I explained about not using the pvr except to turn the tv on and off.
So this past Monday, December 1, I went out to the COGECO office at the Cataraqui Town Centre which is an awful mall, especially at Christmas time, parking and crowds and such. Since I don’t have a car, I had to get a friend to take me to this godforsaken place I never otherwise go to. I lugged along the pvr that no longer worked. I was afraid to use the mail service after that huge bill for the nonexistent pvrs.
The COGECO office took the non-functioning pvr and gave me another which I lugged home. And discovered that the existing power plug I had was one pronged while the power plug in on this new pvr is two pronged. Arghhhh!
So I called COGECO…
COGECO said that I had been given the wrong model. And that they would, (sigh) mail me the right model and I could ship back the one I had been given by mistake OR I could go back to the godforsaken crowded Christmas mall and exchange it…
Once again, (sigh), I opted for the mail since the memory of the mall was too fresh in my mind. “It will come on Friday” the very nice tech person said. “So just lug your old pvr over to the post office in your little bundle buggy, through the snow and pop it into the box from the old one and send it back.” (well, that wasn’t exactly the way they said it but you get the gist-)
On Wednesday, just before I was to be picked up for a meeting, a man named Fred who said he worked for COGECO (but was impolite and unkind, which isn’t like them) – phoned and said I hadn’t paid the $410.00. I went and got the receipt and explained that I had. He continued to insinuate that I had not paid but I explained he ought to check his records before he called. Since my husband died, harsh treatment over the phone is difficult to deal with, which again is WHY I STICK WITH COGECO. Fred really didn’t seem to represent the company.
So now it is Saturday. No pvr in the mail but I am going over to our postal outlet to see if it has come. I shall be lugging along, in my little bundle buggy, the pvr that has the wrong prongs. If the new one has come, I shall exchange these boxes, ship the old one back with fingers crossed, someone will believe me when I say this is what I have done. Then I shall lug the new one back, praying that the power outlet is one pronged and if it is, plug it in and see if I have tv now after a week without.
I am putting this on my blog. Though I am not technical in any other respects, I learned to use a computer and set up a blog which helps when I can’t seem to otherwise get through.
Stay, as they say, tuned…

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