credit union christmas 007My hard-won 3,465 friends or thereabouts have been hard to manage. They keep leaving messages for me. No sooner have I read and deleted then the list is up another thousand. It takes me all afternoon to read and delete.
Getting my list to mid-point was a Facebook test, an attempt to understand the institution by really getting on the bandwagon. Plus I was fond of the Abdulluhs, having never known any face to face. I added names that sounded poetic, pleased my ear, had beautiful pictures, were in countries I haven’t visited. Actually I’ve only ever visited the U.S. and Canada, not much of each.
So I am grateful to all these names that stayed with me but now: The time has come for us to say, ‘Sayanora!’ as the soundtrack for the MASH movie has it.
Right now I am still retaining publishers, poet & literary organizations though they will be the next to go unless they get more personal and savvy enough to actually say where geographically their events are taking place (!) Anyone?

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