cow pic 008Real life is all around us – and it’s snickering!

I’m NOT on Facebook to be sold stuff! What? Do they think this is the SHOPPING CHANNEL?? I had a ‘friend’ whose name was always trailed by the words – ‘author of –(and then her genre label) but NOW she’s added the words ‘& PUBLIC FIGURE’ to that. It’s like adding, ‘Super genius,’ something out of Pinky & The Brain.

NO, no, no, no. No one can give THEMSELVES that kind of credential. Okay, maybe an actual reviewer said it. But that doesn’t mean you can pass it on while wearing a custom-made hat big enough to fit your new head. If you do, everyone thinks, ‘Great Big Inflated Ego to match’. Now I’ll have to go get one of her books to see if she even deserves the name of writer…

What’s the real harm? You, the ‘author’ becoming a cardboard self that can be bought and sold. Plus of course this heavy-handed marketing doesn’t leave any room for the personal touch. All this ‘author’s ever posted on FB is something about BUYING her stuff. You get the feeling a robot has been dressed up and trotted out for publicity and there’s nothing underneath but metal. How can this be avoided when you get a book published? Stay real & witty. Share your REAL life, don’t just try to haul in ‘customers.’ Acknowledge other writers. Keep it human & humble. Watch out. There’s a stinger in that flower of fame! cow pic 003

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