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This is a large piece of the glorious gluten-free pizza I made today with an actually decent crust. Toss that rice flour cardboard in the trash. This is one of those Red Mill Uncle somebody’s. (yes, I tossed the packaging in the trash) I will update soon. At any rate, the crust is entirely eatable, soft, has gluten free yeast even.
On top I have mushrooms, ground beef, anchovies & cheese plus gluten free sauce. Not difficult to make at all and so much better than the commercial pizzas that unanimously give you the cardboard rice crust and seemingly think you should be glad to get it. Ugh.
cold Feb weather 018
This is one of my gluten free cookies. The recipe lasts me all week. Just follow a standard oatmeal cookie recipe but substitute buckwehat & quinona flakes (mixed), lots of grated carrot, chopped up dates & walnuts, sometimes some coconut. Nice crunch with soft middles & takes care of all your grain requirements.
Sometimes taking care of yourself by spending a little quiet time cooking pays off big in satisfaction. I’ve been finishing off with a couple clementines which are so much sweeter after Christmas.
cold Feb weather 019
Don’t be tempted to return to wheat when there’s all this great celiac food easily prepared.

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