3rd week in July 033
I had given up on cold cereal after fruitless searches through years down the aisles of regular grocery stores. Besides that, like at least 50% of Celiacs, I am also lactose intolerant. Then there’s all that sugar…
Suddenly, Saturday, I discovered THREE different kinds of gluten free cereals at my local metro along with a small carton of French Vanilla soy milk! Today I had small samples of them all and regained a pleasure that goes right back to childhood. How I Missed cornflakes, cheerios and kix.
3rd week in July 036
Evidently there are others as well. My husband clipped recipes for using these in various cookies. My favorite was Sunrise which is a mix of quinoa, buckwheat, corn, flax. inulin, amaranth and brown rice. Nice dry too.
As I grow older, finding ‘safe’ food (celiac friendly) is like a gift, a big breath of relief when I discover something else I can eat without fear. I feel a great surge of gratitude for those manufacturers out there who are listening.

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