Gotta go back and change all my references to FACEBOOK. Without research, how would I know I meant SOCIAL NETWORKING all along? In 2006, Alex Stern proclaimed it, ‘The Year Of Social Networking,’ estimating there were some 650 sites. The following year a newsclip said the amount had doubled. If that happens every year, there would now be some 7800 Networking sites.
Wikipedia lists what is probably only a sampling. Some of them sound very intriguing. Networking sites for practically every country. Canada’s is Nexopia, which I have heard referred to but not understood. There are 4 (and surely more) for Books: Shelfari, Anobi, Booksiread and LibraryThing. Sites for every occupation: Ravelry for knitters & crocheters, Social activist sites like oneworldtv, ethnicity, a humour site called Somethingawful which is tempting as far as the name goes. 54 million people say they use some sort of site on an undated poll or one-third the population of the U.S.
And I thought the idea was dubious (tho not evil as some sites would have it), when I thought that Facebook was the primary figure. Wikipedia purports to give numbers enrolled, uusually in the millions. Many subscribers stick only to their sites. Imagine someone enrolled in dozens. How do they find time to sleep, eat and procreate?? Oh Arghh. More on this later.

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