Facebook & Popular Culture & Me in the Morning

Woke up to 2015 friends this morning but it’s early days yet. That number seems to be feeding off itself. Funny, I don’t feel any different. And how else could I end up with a considerable number of friends in India and other far off places? Sitting down to eat breakfast on my tv trray by the stove and, no doubt due to the nine hardcovers I had also piled on the tray along with a bowl and plate of breakfast, a bottle of kaopetak, pencils, scissors and unopened mail, the thing collapsed. it isn’t possible to have a little table that doesn’t fold up here. I’ve tried and periodically whatever I’ve installed needs to be gotten out of the way. So I put up with periodica collapses, sending the bowl of breakfast food across the room as it hits the floor, 2 glasses, (last night’s and this mornings) rolling under the stove (on which I have a stapler and another glass – I keep saying I’ll tidy up and then some great idea hits me and I move sidewise to the computer (at which I’m supposed to be wearing special computer glasses which I have tied to my lamp – eventually I’ll have 3 pair of glasses, two tied firmly to the nearest light source – talk about opportunities to lose things!) anyway, all this to say I am midway to kicked off Facebook. Yesterday I got three reprimands for adding friends too fast, yet they throw them at me. ‘Add friend! Add friend!’ they beg but woe betide me if I do. Sunday . I keep hoping my new friends don’t go out robbing banks or worse. You can never tell what your close dear personal intimate 2015 friends may take it into their heads to do next. I try to set aside a little time to check them out now. What are their interests? Are they really not this known poseur attempting to pass himself off? I unfriended a known poseur the other day and right away she was back in line, trying to get friended again. When the person has only one or two friends (for good reason), and you unfriend them, they notice right away. Why am I doing this? An interest in popular culture, I guess. To experience the full range of what it means to be Facebooked, I think you have to play their game of 5000 and off. Many have and seem to bear grudges. I don’t. Midway to explusion will be 2500 which I should hit sometime around Easter. The more friends you have, the more you get. It’s one of those rolling down hill kind of things. Names turn up whom I do not know, with whom I share something like 268 mutual friends. But maybe, in the back of my mind, I think that if war broke out, you would only need to yell between shootings that, ‘You are one of my Facebook FRIENDS! Check it out!’ and, given laptops in the trenches, the firing could cease. For sure they are not my enemies.

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