So I went and googled what it meant to ‘upgrade Facebook ‘status.” Turns out it meant when you stop sitting at your computer and go get coffee (what kind, how many sugars, did you go to kitchen or out, bumped into whom, meditations on coffee, etc) or tied your shoe or patted the dog… Not the little things in your life but the itsy bitsy teeny weeny ones, yellow or otherwise.

Which brings me to the comics I download every morning. One of those great discoveries. My husband and I get 6 daily papers – Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Sun, Ottawa Citizen and Kingston Whig Standard. All of them renew their comic pages annually and drop whichever ones they’ve had complaints about or where they think readership is falling off. Only the Globe seems at all responsive to readership demands.

So we were forced to go without strips we adored, like Bo Grace’s Pirhanna Club, Kieran Meehan’s Pros & Cons, Popeye, Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks, ( which seems to annoy everyone), On The Fastrack (which we’d last seen when the now working woman was first born),
plus some hilarious new ones like Neurotica by Big Al The Gal, Jeff Millar & Bill Hinds, Tank McNarmara (which we’d only gotten briefly), Pab Sungenis’s New Adventures Of Queen Victoria which deserves an AWARD for his brilliant satire of the current British parliamentary elections!,

Both of the McCoy cartoons, (the always hilarious DUPLEX and with his brother, The Flying McCoys – last week’s panel had a belligerant clam (how can you tell?) – saying to another clam: “Oh yeah? I’ll see you in small CLAMS court!”), of course Nicole Hollander’s Sylvia, Jim Scancarelli’s Gasoline Alley (who has aged his characters so much that you’re afraid they’ll fall down and shatter inside the panels), Good old, Stone Soup by Jan Eliot, Heart of the City, which the Sun lost which really was their loss, by Mark Tatullii (both characters now imprisoned in a chalk pavement drawing and being chased by the creatures they had previously drawn – always great stuff,

Jennifer Babcock’s C’est la Vie which is at the forefront of modern comic scripting and so brilliant),

Okay I get carried away when I discuss the comics. And I’m not half done. Plus there’s all the great comics still mostly full pages daily in the 6 papers we read, though the National Post has dropped theirs after introducing us at least to that hallowed Canadian historical comic, Kate Beaton. Her series on philosophers, especially Kierkegaard are unparallelled.

I guess I’m going to have to blog about comics right through the weekend and figure out how to erase some of my categories so as to put it in. (I’ve got too many).

At any rate, we used to write anguished letters, yearly, to each of our dailies, pleading with them not to drop this comic or that one and seeing them go anyway and mourning their demise, (my husband especially grieved for Bo Grace) and NOW thanks to the miracle of the net and relatively cheap toner and printer paper, every single morning they’re BACK!

I begged relatives to always wrap gifts in their Sunday funnies, begged to have them cut out & include whatever their local paper offered that day whenever they wrote (tho they paid NO attention) and suddenly, VOILA! all the comics we’ve ever wanted. And more. My husband today suggested I not add the pipesmoking Mark Trail to the list although he is evidently for neutering pets…

Right now we are members of Daily Ink (where you can get Pros & Cons & Pirhanna Club) and My Comics(which is also Go Comics) (where we get the bulk of our selections tho there are lots, lots, more.

I’m also a member of Comics.com but they seem to have so many right wing strips that I just tend to read them online rather than print out. My husband wants me to unsubscribe them entirely as he doesn’t wish us to be adding to their numbers. They have quite a bit of antiObama going and some sludgy thinking.

More on this the next few days.

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