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Came out of the garden after planting zinnias, glads, lilies, forgetmenots and cosmos to find 160 friend requests and 87 invites to gatherings in foreign parts I shall never see.

Again, the more friends you have, the more will be foisted upon you. If you want to collect friends fast, type in names aimlessly, then friend them when their site comes up, friend all their friends by clicking on them, friend everybody else of that same name. Do this just a few times and you will be more full up with friends than a happy meal.

I’ve used various methods: picking the ones with outstanding profile pictures, which I still do now and again so its worth working on that angle. I am still chosing writers and writer organizations and puiblishers, duh. But I am being so very choosy now that I’m closing in on 4000. I think the middle number is fine. The other day I went through and deleted this one and that one from whom I had not heard, hoping their feelings weren’t hurt or that I wasn’t their only friend.

Which has happened. I friended a fellow because I liked the way the syllables in his name rolled off the tongue. He was from another country, his picture looked okay and I thought, why not, since at that time I was collecting one from this country and one from that.

AFTER I’d friended him, I thought well maybe I’d better check his site. And of course, I was his only. Now maybe he was just new on FB and would be soon zooming up to more. But maybe he wasn’t. And maybe, being from a much in the news part of the world, he might be an idealist and seek to liberate something or other by violence and when he got investigated, whom should they see as his close, personal and only friend – well, ME!

This kind of stuff is fear and I won’t give in to it. I thought of sharing this message with him but then, if he DID get into trouble, there’d be a record of us corresponding. This is the sort of thinking that people didn’t engage in, not because of 911 but because of Homeland Security and No Fly Lists. (With all my family south of the border).

Still I couldn’t bring myself to unfriend him just in case I’m it, his only, and NOW of course, I can’t remember his lovely name so I can go check. Arghhh. O I can go all through my nearly 4000 friends list and try to see which name rolls delightfully around on the tongue and maybe there will only be a few. Maybe.

So having all these friends has its share of difficulties. Not to mention the 87 event invitations. Going down the lsit clicking, ‘No, no, no, no…’ to great things happening in Minnesota, New York, California, Wales… These things are sent out to the friend lists wherever they are located geographically. So another downside to lots and lots of FB buddies is having to wear out the ‘n’ and ‘o’ keys on your computer.

I am hoping to encounter some geat poems on the business of unfriending as well as the computer as handshake, as ‘Hi, there,’ as a depository for lies.

Just hid a message from someone who says she is ‘into Christian music,’ and asks ‘why should the devil have all the good songs?’ This implyed that she must’ve been listening to music that didn’t belong to God at some point. How odd. That all the songs in the whole world just divide into those two categories? And how do they TELL which ones belong to the devil? I doubt he has a copyrite.

The comment seemed to be full of fear and smugness. Surely music comes to us from the creator and all aspects of it are someones expression. It is hard to see where this personal devil infests the song after. Country-western is played in bars but I wouldn’t say any of it is from the devil.

I can’t help but feel that this, ‘MY music’s Christian’ kind of talk means that the songwriter is a bit afraid of letting his music go up against the tunes of the real world. Or her music. If the creator and his works are mentioned in the song, they’re called hymns so that can’t be the key.

Everyone’s looking for a good song, all the time, everyday. A great many people are constantly plugged in. Yet there don’t seem to be warnings on any of these albums, that the devil has all the good tunes. So if it’s really great, you know who it belongs to.

What it says is that someone’s world is way, way, way, too narrow. Can you spell, ‘brainwashed?’ But there was a time when I didn’t use my good brain either. EVen now, when I’m out there friending away without checking out their site.

Don’t be in a hurry and don’t believe everything you read on FB. Especially if its implying an intimate knowledge of what the devil owns.

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