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Here’s a tired Nessie with my birthday cake which had peach compote filling, peach-flavoured icing and baked with almond flower. It is Wholesome, Organic, Natural, Allergy & Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Fair Trade, Vegan & Vegetarian. A healthy cake.
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But it ALSO tasted WONDERFUL! Little flowers were piped all around the bottom edge and top, which was also sprinkled with almond slivers. It was in a substantial box and Nessie consulted me every step of the way so it was entirely to my liking.
I hadn’t had a birthday cake since I was diagnosed celiac some seven or so years ago. Having a Safe cake that also was a Great cake was a particular pleasure. I have frozen half of it for Thanksgiving.
Nessie is at www.nessiecakes.com and her phone number is 613-766-1354. When she is feeling well enough, she also has a stall in the market where she sells glorious cupcakes and a loaf of bread that tastes the way flowers would if you baked them all together in an outdoor oven on a spring morning. It also slices beautifully. I am working my way through a loaf now, enjoying have toasted cheese sandwiches, not something I’ve had either since the diagnosis.
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I know it LOOKS like a cupcake but it is the size of a regular loaf and sliced without crumbling into at least 12 pieces. The sort of things fairies would bake.
All of this is, of course, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, midway between Toronto and Montreal.


  1. This looks so yummy! I only discovered Nessie’s goods at the farmer’s market on campus today and had a delicious vegan muffin. I love that she caters for celiacs and vegans alike 🙂 Great job, Nessie!

  2. Glad you appreciate Nessie too! Thanks for the comment.

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