I WAS PHISHED ON FACEBOOK! Could be a T-shirt slogan?

UPDATE – Today Thursday, Facebook sent me this message: ‘on Sunday, there was a spamming incident on Facebook. During this time, photos (mostly of supposedly “free” iPhones) were posted to some people’s Walls, including yours. We’ve removed the photo from your Wall and fixed the issue that allowed spammers to do this. We’re sorry about the photo, but can assure you that this did not affect the security of your account in any way.’

Here’s how it went down: My sister called last Sunday, asking if I really was advising people they could get free ipads just by clicking on a link I’d put up on my homepage? My spiel started, ‘HEY!’ Right away I knew it couldn’t be me, starting a sentence with horse feed.
Being deep into getting the Poet Laureate blog right, I wanted to ignore it. Nothing much had happened other than someone had hacked into my account and sent an ungrammatical message, ostensibly from me. Which meant they’d probably gotten my password.
I went to the ‘Help’ site and told Facebook. “This only concerns ‘a very few members,’ Facebook said, barely supressing a yawn. What?? I wanted outrage! Vows to track down my account hackers and delete them back to their BONES! Whose side was FB on??
Several ‘friends’ immediately wrote saying they knew it wasn’t me, thank heavens. The hackers even had me saying, ‘gonna,’ in the message. Me?? Instead of ‘going to.’ What sort of education does THAT imply? I posted notices on my profile and home pages but other messages coming in rapidly moved them down to the bottom.
Several phone calls later, my sister made me promise to get a new e-mail address. Problem was, I’d just GOTTEN a new e-mail address the previous week.
Also I was probably ripe for it. I had been leaving my 3, 400 ‘friends’ just sitting around tapping their toes and drumming their fingers out of sheer boredom. I’d only know maybe 22 of them, all told, if I met them in the street or had to pick them out of a lineup. My nice plump juicy account was languishing.
So I am probably going to tell them all adios, sadly sweeps the raincloud ore the cliff and aloha ah! I set up another site with a sunflower, then went and friended myself. Facebook then said the two of me had one friend (me) in common.
Very glad to have shared the Facebook experience with my times. I’m not leaving, just moving, along with a few actual friends and some family (however they behave). Now I must tell the 3400 the sad news. Some I will be contacting for the very first time. For at least one friend, I am their only. Need to sort that.
In the meantime, The phishers are out there, trolling in the waters of our ignorance.

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