I’m leading AA 12 step study, Sept 9/13 @ 99 york st kingston on Canada 10:30-11:30

I need to know the 12 steps of AA so as to practice them in my daily life in all my affairs. So I am setting up a study of the steps, starting September 9, 2013 at 99 York Street in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Anyone who wants to get serious about 12 stepping is welcome. The plan is to do the steps a week at a time though some steps may require more time. It doesn’t matter what your addiction is or even if you have one. The steps are a tool for life, a tool for change and this is an opportunity to take a deeper look at what they are about. How can I ‘practice these principles in all my affairs,’ if I don’t know what they really mean, their purpose and their application. Together we can find out. I’ll post a picture of 99 York here when I go there next. 99 York is the Kingston Community House For Self Reliance.

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