Tune: Good King Wenceslas
patsy & cat pics 027
When the snow lies round about
Pets do what they oughta
Wrap the tail around the nose
Lie down on the sofa
When the feast of Stephen comes
Pets are in the kitchen
Making sure some goodies fall
Right in their direction.
V2 When a king walks in the snow
Cats look out the window
‘What an idiot!’ they think!
“Out there where the wind blows.”
Cleaning whiskers, shedding fur
(Causing kings to vacuum)
Occasionally the cat will stir
But not leave the war-rm room
v3 Waiting till the springtime comes
That’s the way for cat-kind
St Agnes fountain freezes up?
You’ll not see a cat mind
‘Pets are comfort, pets are great’
Messages a pet gives
Kings may walk around in snow
But warm is where the pets live!sadie 010

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