Knitted Dolls In Your Likeness


IMG_3456Lee (Speedy fingers) Gaylene has just gifted me with a lookalike doll, after telling me I reminded her of the dolls she makes and sells, many from commissions and often from pictures. A Lee Gaylene doll could be sitting under your Christmas tree if you ask. Originally from Winnipeg, Lee  has called Kingston home for about one year.  She moved here to be close to two of her six children – and close she is, with one daughter across the lane and the other just a few houses down.   A third daughter lives just up the road in Mississauga while her youngest daughter and twin sons remain in Winnipeg.  Lee has been creative her entire life.  For many years she sewed clothes and Halloween costumes for all her kids( and a few neighbours to boot) and will paint her signature patchwork on just about any hard surface – chairs, dressers, glasses – but her abiding creative love is to make dolls. Over time Lee has made the gamut of dolls from cotton soft bodied types like Raggedy Ann to ornate and elegant Father Christmas figures.  She first made her heritage dolls when her kids were young and then again when the grandchildren started arriving.  With a three year old great-grand-daughter in town, Lee recently decided that it was time to resurrect the heritage dolls. Knitting daily with her rotweiller -cross Barney at her side, Lee most enjoys adding her own little quirks and embellishments to the dolls so that no two are alike. Contact

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