LIVING DOWNTOWN – (Perils of) #1 – Yard Stuff Swiped (including signs saying, “please don’t swipe).

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These perils aren’t in any particular order though once I’ve got a list, I may go back and rearrange them by annoyance level. Right now it’s this doorsign being swiped. Passersby, used to gawking at shops see something in your yard or on your door worth swiping. Queen’s university is nearby and sometimes the students are doing scavenger hunts with my former bookshop, now my home, prominently marked.
For naps and deep thoughts, these doorsigns matter but must be replaced regularly. I could consider their swiping a compliment as to my wit but I’d rather have the sign.
When we find one gone, my husband says, hopefully; “It’s just the wind.” But we never find it lying around against the curb or in the neighbour’s yard. No, it’s the souvenier hunter-lightfingered walker who wasn’t properly brought up. A hazard of being too close to the street. But given the stories of the street which I may encounter on my doorstep, I wouldn’t move for the world!
Mostly I think they regard a sign asking them not to swipe it, as a challenge.

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