Michael Kinnie Teaching a Dramatic Writing Workshop 5 Sundays (With some unexpected dramatic payoffs).

Michael Kinnie

The workshops in St Mary’s Parish Hall on Sunday nights. There are 12 or 13 of us around a rectangle, all ages and backgrounds. Tonight we bring in our blurbs. I have a surprise one. Tell you how that works out after. Everyone has at least one great story in their life that deserves putting down on paper. Some of course have lots more, depending on how dramatic that life has been. Like mine, through no choice of my own. Would I have chosen to have a gentler, quieter existence? Well, we don’t get to choose so that’s answered.
But as for drama – the true story kind, slightly fictionalized so that it may be called Creative Nonfiction, well that’s the kind that goes the distance! Googled teacher Kinnie who is getting his MFA by using this class as a practicum and discovered a fully fledged story in his background that would make a terrific musical. Decided to let him know. Writing it in my head; the scenes, the song suggestions, a tenative script outline. Hard to write something like this about yourself since you’re a little too close for comfort. Still worth trying.
Easier for me, I never lived it. Made Kinnie more knowable to me, less an MFA, more of a beleagured (at times) human being who’s overcome more than a bit to be where he is.

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