(Tune: Blue Christmas, 1948

I’ll have a new Christmas this season
I’ve got 12 steps that give me a reason
All that pain in my past
Can stay there at last
Strength is mine
For today, for this Christmas
2) I’ll have a new Christmas, I chose to
One day at a time, (and it’s not blue)
Memories left behind
12 steps bring peace of mind
Not alone anymore in this Christmas
3) When that old pain comes calling
I can feel it, not just start in bawling
There are 12 steps for me
Spelling Recovery
Yay! A new, new, new, new, new, new, Christmas!


  1. Hi!

    I am wondering if you would be a guest on my live interview show “Short Story Sunday”.

    It airs from Tokyo over the internet on the first Sunday of the month from 21:30–22:30. It is done over the internet through Skype.

    Your short stories and your writing journey are great for the show!


    Katie Adler

  2. Kate, I am delighted with your request. I immediately went to check out the Skype on this new computer, only to find there is no camera or mike. So I am trying to get up to speed, technically in order to do the interview. I have also had recent surgery that is engendering complications. So I am slow. May is probably better than March. Hope to talk to you again. Thanks for reading my blog. Rose

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