This is a comprehensive list of all my published works.


Ibbity, Laurel Reed Books (Prose & Poetry) 2007

Anthology Publications

1995 Ladies Killing Circle, Victoria Cameron/Audrey Jessup, Editors, General Store Press, 1 Main St. Burnstown On K0J 1G0, The Sam McGee Syndrome. 8 pages
1995 Eating Apples, Knowing Women’s Lives, Caterina Edwards, Editor, New West Press, Suite 310 10359 – 92 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z9 New Dress. 8 pages

1995 *Electronic Mystery, ‘Death With The Proper Stranger’ 17 pages, (Internet) Continuously available)

1997 Cottage Country Killers, Victoria Cameron/Linda Wicken, eds, General Store Press, Ottawa, Too Many Guys Named Bill. 14 pages

1997 Secret Tales Of The Arctic Trails, David Skene-Melvin editor. Simon & Pierre, 8 Market St. Suite 200 Toronto. Too Dead The Phalarope & Ragtime Kid Checks Out. 31 pages.

1999 Menopause Is Murder, Victoria Cameron/Mary Jane Mahaffini, eds, General Store Press, Ottawa. Bimbos Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine. 13 pages.

1999 True Stories From The Ice Storm, Mark Abley, ed., McClelland & Steward. 481 University Ave., Toronto M5G 2E9 Toronto. Damage Control. 4 pages. 2001 Fit To Die, Sue Pike editor, Rendezvous Press, Toronto, Golf Geezer, 13 pages.

2007 Scapes, (Poetry) Diane Dawber Editor, Hidden Brook Press

2007 Interpersonal Communications for Canadians: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Oxford University Press (Personal Essay)

2008 Antagonish Review, Fall Issue, ‘Complaint’

2008 Montreal Anthology, ‘Poot’s Tawkin.’

2009 Northern Review, ‘When The Furnace Talked,’ Fall Issue #31

2009 Shortlisted for CBC Literary Competition: ‘Blood of Last Rooster’

2009 Anthology ‘Tribe Of Irritable Poets.’

2010 Queen’s Review (Oxford) Kingston Whig. ‘Bookseller’s Friend.’

Globe & Mail (daily – 13 pages, 44233 Colborne On KOK 1S0 Quarterly) Front StToronto) Facts & Arguments, Lives Lived, Features

International Mystery Review(12 years till 2006) when owner died. Regular column W

The Other Alphabet Author ’92

Etiquette & Most Wanted ‘89

A Canadian Cozy ’93

Guilt, Despair & Pottery Pig ‘96

Trends in Cover Art ’93

Darkling New World Pickers ‘96

Talk about Silly ’93

Reconcilers In Land ’96 – Reprinted

Old Cat Crimes ’94

Intruders & Big Freeze ‘96

Death In A Nice Warm Climate ’94

Odd, Captive Book Club ‘97

Anna Katherine Green ’94

Tilting At Windmills ‘97

They Symbolized Murder ’95

Promise for Life ’97 – Reprinted $

Why Do Books Go Out Of Print ’95

Campus Slippery ’97 – Reprinted

Visually Challenged M. Lovers ’95

All Shattered Christmases ‘07

Southern Fried Writing ’95

Sleep, Perhaps Breathe ’98 Reprinted

Great Northern Dying ’96

“Lives Lived: Nicole Berube, Elly Segel

Death’s In The East ’96 ’03,

Al Timpson, Doris Bell ‘99

How The West Was Wounded ‘96

Miss Silver Slammed ’96

Kingston Whig & Magazine: 12 pages (20 yrs – ongoing freelance features)

You & I & Mystery ’97

Well-Written Witch Hunts – ‘91

Supernatural Sleuths ’97

Vandals Are Health Conscious ‘88

Before Kissy Face ’97

Human Nature On Gastro ‘89

Fires In The Fall ’97

Kingston Was Oberon’s Town ‘90

Use a Pseudonym ’98

Mean Streets & Safety ‘92

Here’s To Death Of Cover Broad ’98

Credit Union Difference ‘95

Mystery Marriage Racket ’98

Kingston Ghost Tales ‘91

It All Boils Down To Story ’98

Good Books, 2nd Time Around ‘90

Asian Characters ’00

From Sea To Sea ‘89

Guns & Glory Gone ’99

Criminal Activity ‘95

Mystery Tree ’99

Writer’s Town – June 2000

Mystery Lover’s Dance ‘99

Yesterdays Categories ‘2000

Anglican Journal/Canadian (Monthly) 2000

Churchman – 22 yr Regular National Columns 160 pages

DeShaw’s World & Adventures In Life: 600

Generic Mystery 2000 Jarvis St., Toronto: (Inc:

House Ate My Book 200 ‘Hand in Shopping Cart,’ ‘Don’t Let The

Missing Mysteries 2001 Font,’ Uncrossing Stars’ etc.

Ecclesiastical Crime 2001 (reprinted) Features:

Why The Squirrels Laughed’

Butlers & Crime 2001

How Much Do We Wanna Know? 2002

Toronto Star – Daily & Saturday: Ongoing over 20 yrs freelance features)

Fallout Between Cozy & H.B 2002

What’s That Bird? Editorial ‘87

(6 more 2203-2004 (Ceased Pub)

Living With Chronic Illness (Life) ’89

Well-Enough Alone (Fiction) ‘96

(125 pages approx)

Home Movies (C. Life) Feature ‘04

Storyteller Magazine Contest Wins

Other Publications

(Compensated, 43 Lightfoot Pl, Kanata,e On K2L 3M3: Meadow for Mrs. Katz ’98 – 3 pages Too Dead The Phalarope ’97 Golf Geezer, 1996New York Post, 1999 Park Garbage

National Post 2001 Book Antecdote

Ottawa Citizen ’98 Book Review and ’07 Prison Piece ‘

Port Hope Guide ‘68/69 Column Rings Around Rosie


Our Children, CAS Journal, 1970’s Feature: Group Home

Journal Of Canadian Folk Songs – 2001, (New words to Polly Wolly Doodle about Stockwell Day)

PG Wodehouse Journal 2003 Summer,

Northrup Frye Newsletter – 1988 Dustjacket Memory (Final Volume)

Any Villager, Psychic Rotunda, Monty Cliff (Toronto Anthology Chapbooks) John Barlow ed. 2004

Compensated Profiles

(Non-fiction) Elegant Living, Businesskeeper, 1980’s Corporate Profiles (Ceased Publishing)

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