poetry project & eric at council 009
Introducing the Poetry Project September 20/2011 was Craig Walker from the English Department of Queen’s University introduced down at City Hall last night, along with a formal introduction of Eric Folsom, our poet laureate. Reading with Eric were David Helwig who has been Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island (Here with partner Jane Goodie)
poetry project & eric at council 007poetry project & eric at council 013
Joanne Page who read a poem about the Sail Loft on Garden Island, Daniel David Moses who read a poem about Jogging in Toronto
poetry project & eric at council 011
and Carolyn Smart, Creative Writing teacher from Queen’s who read a poem about a suicide among the Bloomsbury Group.
I have linked to the Poetry Project though it does seem to have been strictly for the evening. Poems, Eric’s for sure, are to go on the sides of recycling ads on our buses which sounds swell.
Then Eric went over to a crowded city hall and read his poem called Building, most appropriate as delegates were there, concerned about the new building that will replace the hideous, dilapated old Toronto Dominion bank building kitty-corner from City Hall at Brock and King.
In his poem Eric referred to this elegant light fixure in the centre of the City Hall horseshoe as a ‘button bush.’
poetry project & eric at council 036
As he read, the first mayor of Kingston in 1847, The Irish Thomas Kirkpatrick looked down over his shoulder.
poetry project & eric at council 053
poetry project & eric at council 047
Here’s our present mayor, Mark Gerretsen, introducing Eric, watched even more closely by Kirkpatrick.
It was a splendid night for poetry.

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