bookseller This is a picture of me when I was a young (ish) bookseller. The Sunday Magazine did a lengthy article on the three major out of print and antiquarian dealers. There were 35 bookshops altogether n our small Canadian border town back then in the 1980’s. Now there are seven, two of them book exchanges and two others part of the huge national chain where half the store is gift items. It was a good time to be in the book business.

Busy writing my second bit of memoir:WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BOOKSHOP, of which this piece is a part, an objective look of what I only saw from my perspective. I got a bit more than my share of the article due to being colourful and controversial – and messy.
bookseller 001

Had no idea then that such a career would change me completely as a person. Looking back I’m glad I did it. Still love books, especially putting the right person together with the right book. But for the most part, I get them from the library now and put out armfuls of my own on the FREE table which I set up weekends when it isn’t raining. I especailly love old technical books on tractors, motor repair, welding. Go figure.

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