party & purple dress 013 Had some serious conversations this summer while using this setup at the Market Street branch of our Community Credit Union, all the while giving out balloons and lemonade along with literature on membership.
One professorial type said: “Yes, I’m going inside to talk to them in a minute but first I want to know what YOU think.” He came by a week later to tell me he had opened an account.
The cab driver who brought me down on Fridays said he’d often considered it but he wasn’t sure we’d have him. Why ever not? So I told him my story about all that befallen us and how now we had our mortage with the KCCU. “That’s SUCH an inspiring story!” he said, looking at me with respect. “I guess I’ll talk to them.” I don’t know how that has gone yet.
fun fair & sister 004
This little fellow hugged his all the way down the block, fearful of letting it go. Always you have delighted parents along, pleased that you see what a beautiful child they have, considering what we have to offer.
poetry project & eric at council 055
The Credit Union is the only building lit up in the dark blocks around City Hall. It looked great the other night when I was coming out of the reception for our Poet Laureate.
fun fair & sister 007
This is the great dog that ate his owner’s cake last year at the Fun Fair. This time she came by to say she always cuts across our Gardiner’s Branch parking lot on their walks. This year she took my picture with the dog and then said she thought it was about time she became a member and took some literature.
fun fair & sister 009
Today in late September, I sat outside with just a chair and a seat beside me to point out our Bake Sale for the Alzheimer’s Society. Evidently my promo helped in moving all the cookies and cakes generously donated today.
cake 007
Overall from the talks I’ve had this summer, i feel the outdoor promo was a real success.
Thanks to all for the lovely bouquet of flowers, the birthday message on the phone this afternoon and the wonderful card that included a poem from Nate! What a great day! Ordered a celiac birthday cake from Nessie in the market which she delivered this morning. It is my first cake since being diagnosed. Tasted pretty good.
cake 008

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