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One or two good serious talks about joining the Kingston Community Credit Union have been the result every day I’ve been sitting outside the Market Square branch, discussing what it means to be a member while dispensing lemonade and balloons. Speaking to passersby is always different from person to person.
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This unsmiling little girl was delighted with a balloon and a drink while her mother engaged seriously with the requirements of membership and took a brochure. Lots of tourists from other places go by and it takes some sorting to pinpoint those from around town who would benefit from knowing what it takes to be a member. Some of the tourists take pictures which makes me think I must look to them like ‘The Little Old Bird Woman’ in Mary Poppins.
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Especially because there are always sparrows and chickadees pecking around my sandeled toes, once I’ve had lunch.
It’s been a learning experience. The umbrella needed to be anchored due to sudden gusts of wind from the water. The selection of brochures, however, has proven exactly what was needed. “I was just thinking of changing where I bank,” is a typical remark of a woman sipping her lemonade as she questions me. There is a spirit, especially on market days, of festival and enjoyment that the KCCU has decided to join in.
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Our credit union is highly visible from quite a distance away. Passersby are always plunking themselves down in the empty chair by my table, sometimes with an introduction, then looking around the square and commenting on how nice this all is and what a view we have. This summer your Market Square branch is capitalizing on such an excellent location.
* * *
Dick and I were asked to speak at ‘Hart School two weeks ago on topics of our choice. I gave a workshop on songwriting.
3rd week in July 014
We received this picture by one of the students as a thank you. Keeping a high community personal profile is an important part of gaining new members for your Kingston Community Credit Union.
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