Rose DeShaw TUNE: THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD *it is important to know that safe sex isn’t just condoms. Healthy attitudes towards sex and the ability to improvise for the elderly […]

HOW PTSD WORKS – You Can Handle It (From years of personal experience) (Tune: They Call The Wind, Moriah) 1) Horror’s picked itself a name Though it’s been around for […]

To the Tune of: Country Road In our childhood We remember Trees around us They were our protectors Apple, maple We would climb them Gather leaves and Shelter ‘neath their […]

Insist On A Condom Author: Rose DeShaw Tune: Tennessee Waltz (Two at a time can take turns waltzing while the rest sing with condoms pinned on their hats) I’ve got […]

     Dick was reading Scott Symons obituary to me this morning while my hands were plunged deep into peanut butter cookie dough. I had just finished resupplying the misplaced lyrics […]