Insist On A Condom Author: Rose DeShaw Tune: Tennessee Waltz (Two at a time can take turns waltzing while the rest sing with condoms pinned on their hats) I’ve got […]

     Dick was reading Scott Symons obituary to me this morning while my hands were plunged deep into peanut butter cookie dough. I had just finished resupplying the misplaced lyrics […]

For as many weasels in the world, most of them online, there seem to me to still be a greater number of trusting souls intending to do good when they […]

(Can’t believe how many adjectives I used in this. I NEVER use adjectives. On the other hand, they are seldom so highly deserved). November 29/’08 at the first of the […]

I’m just back from a songwriting workshop stuffed with guitars and those who play them. My son who went with me, also brought his d, b and f whistles but […]

I’m in the Fall ’08 Antigonish Review, #154, the very first poem, Complaint.  “It pays to be deeply suspicious of a circus How they welcome a woman who can stick […]