(for John) You’ve got to admire those dead flies Hanging from the sticky strip In the far from model kitchen At least they felt passion, died in the throes of […]

Mother Time, Joanne Arnott’s sixth book, is as strong on the time as it is on the mothering. (Ronsdale Press, 2007, 139pp, ISBN 978-155380-046-0). ‘Enchantment & Freedom,’ for example: ‘When […]

Oh Inukshuks they have no knees, no knees Yet they do as they very well please. Oh please They cannot ride a bike Though Inukshuk can hike Like the rates […]

Sharp-beaked starlings dig the dirty drifts, searching for scraps. Flock has rhythm, moving together, peek hop peck hop poke hop chitter hop chatter, hoarde of small vacuums attacking the undersides […]

I have always bitten off little chunks of my life, like pieces of thread and sold them to whatever journal, magazine or anthology was handy at the time. Some have […]