PERILS OF LIVING DOWNTOWN #4 – Passersby using your green bin for garbage (and your garden)

Our city recycling program includes composting. Here’s a picture of our fliptop bins, (next to the frequently stolen lawn chair, #15). Normally the lid is closed, honest.
Those who see themselves as too classy for littering, open the top and drop their coffee cups, beer cans, fast food wrappers and boxes, homework, styrofoam cups and what have you, inside. Then close it back up.
Thinking I’ve got everything sorted, I wheel the bin to the curb only to have it sit unpicked up, due to the contents. Resorting to the usual signage seemed to give me more trash than before, as those who hadn’t considered where to dump their stuff found it an ideal place.
In the city, your stuff outside is their stuff. At night they sit on the lawn chairs, leaving their drink cans and coffee cups behind. The alternative is a massive vestibule where I haul everything in and out, morning and night. Uh uih.
Do I find this amusing. Deed I do.

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