Note- These all fall under the Creative Non-Fiction genre, but I’m here to tell you they are all true & all less than 2500 words. I’m sending them out this weekend but haven’t settled on just where yet. Plus I’m going to have to go back and get their exact titles. Here I’m just pitching the topics:

1) It’s Easy To Get Killed In Seattle – (Home from the hospital with my first baby – and someone starts shooting in the window…)
2) Blood Of The Last Rooster – (Kids stuck in an Alaskan ghost town)
3) Hill Giant Sneezing – (Kinack, the mythical tundra creature & Lost River where the ancestors shriek & my father’s adoption papers go missing…)
4) Cryptic Message From The 12th of Never – Johnny Mathis & The Mayan Calendar Warn Us (Short, Humour, Essay)
5) Discovering That HAIR Is An Alien, Sitting On Our Heads, Whispering To Our Brains – Why We Do Dumb Stuff (Short, Humour, Essay)
6) National Conversation – 800 words, Short, Essay (What we’re talking about in Canada, sea to sea)
7) Coming Down The Alaska Highway (Published in Chapbook) Before the highway officially opened, why the drive took us 6 weeks, why I never ever wanted to travel again)
Published: When The Furnace Talked – Northern Review, Fall Issue
The Journal of the College of the Yukon.
All rights still available.

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